ADR – Purging Trace Files

adrci> help purge

  Usage: PURGE [[-i <id1> | <id1> <id2>] |
               [-age <mins> [-type ALERT|INCIDENT|TRACE|CDUMP|HM|UTSCDMP]]]:

  Purpose: Purge the diagnostic data in the current ADR home. If no
           option is specified, the default purging policy will be used.

    [-i id1 | id1 id2]: Users can input a single incident ID, or a
    range of incidents to purge.

    [-age <mins>]: Users can specify the purging policy either to all
    the diagnostic data or the specified type. The data older than <mins>
    ago will be purged

    [-type ALERT|INCIDENT|TRACE|CDUMP|HM|UTSCDMP]: Users can specify what type of
    data to be purged.

    purge -i 123 456
    purge -age 60 -type incident


So to purge all diagnostic information, including trace files, older than 1 month you would issue the following

adrci> purge -age 43200