Exadata: DBMS_OPTIM Package

I have never heard of this until I read patch 25433352 readme file (excerpt below):

“This patch is supported by Automatic Fix Control Persistence (FCP). Beginning with Database Proactive Bundle Patch, specific optimizer patches with fix controls are provided and applied as part of the Database Proactive Bundle Patch, but these fix controls are disabled by default. If you require these optimized patches, you can query them to learn about each plan change fix. FCP is a framework that allows you the option to explicitly enable each optimizer patch using the dbms_optim_bundle package as a post-installation step. FCP also takes care of persisting the same values of fix controls for patches which were applied as one off patches at the time of applying a Bundle Patch and are now part of Database Proactive Bundle Patch. See My Oracle Support Document 2147007.1 Automatic Fix Control Persistence with DBBP for more information about how to use FCP to enable optimizer patches provided by the Database Proactive Bundle Patch.”

Also check check MOS 1942966.1 about DBMS_OPTIM package usage.



Author: reguchi

Oracle ACE, OCP 12c, OCE 12c MAA, OCE Exadata, RHCE, AWS CSAA, OCI CSAA. Technology geek, homebrewer, dad.

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