Purging histograms

Oracle will automatically create histograms during night maintenance window. This might impact a query performance, so use dbms_stats to purge it. You can also change or disable the automatic collection statistics job.

The following command will purge a column histogram:

exec dbms_stats.delete_column_stats( ownname=>'&OWNER', tabname=>'&TABLE', colname=>'&COLUMN', col_stat_type=>'HISTOGRAM');

Or, if you need to purge all histograms from a table, use this one:

select 'exec dbms_stats.delete_column_stats('''||owner||''','''||table_name||''','''||column_name||''', col_stat_type=> ''HISTOGRAM''); '
from dba_tab_columns
where owner = '&OWNER' and table_name = '&TABLE_NAME' and histogram not in ('NONE')

Another good info at:




Author: reguchi

Oracle ACE, OCP 12c, OCE 12c MAA, OCE Exadata, RHCE, AWS CSAA, OCI CSAA. Technology geek, homebrewer, dad.

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